An unusual cafe bar in Wilmington NC

Sit and relax and with a centuries-old tradition at Barzarre – NC’s oldest Hookah Bar. Simply choose a flavor, order at the counter, and find a seat. The hookah comes ready to smoke. All you have to do is enjoy. Prices are per session, (not per hose) for groups up to 4.
Hookah is a full service provided by your server. Tipping is customary. Questions? Ask us!

Flavors also available 100% tobacco free.

See our Hookah Menu
Hookahs, shisha, and coals available for sale.
Rent our mobile hookah lounge for your next event.

Looking for things to do in Wilmington, North Carolina?
The Barzarre! Downtown Wilmington NC’s original Hookah bar and Lounge (Est 2004) has over 100 flavors and shisha blends for guests 21 and over. Plus, we offer a great beer selection, a full bar, cafe~ including lunch and dinner.

On nights with live entertainment, you can still find a quiet chill space with multiple outdoor areas for your hookah enjoyment. Meet new people at Wilmington’s most unique hangout, and eclectic nightlife.

We proudly offer multiple quality shisha, and herbal shisha, too.
Choose from popular brands like AlFakkher, Starbuzz, Fantasia, Khali Mammoon, Golden AlFakkher, Nakhla, Mizo, Hydro Herbal, and more.

Our special blends use up to 4 flavors, and prices are per session- NOT per person. So bring your friends and enjoy.

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