Barzarre. An unusual bar in Wilmington NC

We’re open daily from Noon-Midnight & Later at 1610 Castle St. WIlmington NC. Find us on Instagram at @thebarzarre

Thanks to talented chef Shaun Fenix @Fenixfoodpimp and @Incognitobarrito for all the help in developing these recipes.

All Tacos come with a soft 5″ corn tortilla (or flour by request), Refried Blackbean & paprika rice base, your protein (Ground Beef, Pulled Chicken, or Veggie!) Plus all the fixins: Organic Mixed greens, Diced scallions, crema, cotija cheese, and our homemade pickled veggies. Yes, we fit it all in there.

Tacos are $3.50 Each. Get some chips for$1 … Or Turn it into a burrito for $10 (When available)

BEEF TACO Steak & Chorizo Modelo Stew
Chunks of Beef & Chorizo Chili simmered in Modelo with cilantro and smoky brown mole.

Chicken Taco Chicken Bloody Maria
Pulled Roasted chicken, poblano peppers, horseradish & onions
in a tomato citrus mole.

Veggie Taco
Refried black beans & paprika rice, with a lot more of all the veggies to fill it out! Organic mixed greens, scallions, pickled veggies, crema, cotija cheese and hotsauce!

Find us on instagram at @thebarzarre

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