An unusual cafe bar in Wilmington NC

Wines Available By the Glass or By the Bottle. For enjoying inhouse, or to take home with you. Barzarre is a great place to wine down after a long day. See what we did there?

CabernetBackhouse Cabernet5.518
Sycamore Lane Cabernet5.518
*SPLIT* Tarrica Cab14
Twisted Cabernet5.520
ChiantiPagano Chianti22
GrenacheMarques De Alfamen Grenache22
MalbecCondor Peak Malbec26
LaPosta Paulucci Malbec30
MerlotAnterra Merlot5.520
Sycamore Lane Merlot5.518
Twisted merlot5.522
Hobnob Merlot22
Pinot NoirHobnob Pinot Noir28
Red ZinfandelTwisted Red Zinfandel20
ShirazLindemans Shiraz5.522
Peacemaster Shiraz5.522
TermperanilloCarzon Loco Syrah Temperanillo24
Monasterio Garnacha Temperanillo30
Tarantas Crianza28
Triple BlendMenageA Trois Triple blend26
ChardonnayLa Terre Chardonnay622
Twisted Chardonnay5.520
Pinot GrigioDella Scala Pinot Grigio6.524
Folonari Pinot Grigio6.524
Twisted Pinot Grigio622
RieslingKung Fu Girl (C Smith) Riesling726
NxNW Riesling6.526
Relax Riesling6.524
RoseCharles & Charles Rose6.524
Sauv BlancEcheveria Sauv Blanc6.524
Line 39 Sauv Blanc6.524
Sparkl~ChampDon SImon Sparkling Champ20
Sovietskoye Champagne22
Sparkl~MoscatoSeaTurtle Moscato25
La Torretta Moscato25
Sparkl~ProsecoLa Gioiosa Prosecco30
*SPLIT* Borcelli Prosecco9
*SPLIT* Laluca Prosecco10
*SPLIT* 1928 Caviccioli Prosecco916
Vino VerdeAlianca Vino verde7.528
Casal Garcia Vino Verde7.528
Twin Vines Vino Verde7.528
SakeSake: :Kukai MangoX13
Sake: Nigori Cold (LG BOT)225
Sake: Nigori Cold (SM BOT)X13
Sake: Hatsukuru( LG BOT)250
Sake: Gekkeikan Plum340
Sake: Tozai Blossom Of Peace840
Sake: Yuki Junmai Nigori Mango316

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