Booking a Show at Barzarre + Social Distancing

An unusual cafe bar in Wilmington NC

So, we’re all allowed outside a little more- People want to socialize, and Acts want to play! People are already coming for the tacos & drinks, and your act surely has its own following. Even with social distancing, there’s a safe, responsible way to host live entertainment! If you’re interested in booking an upcoming date, here’s how we can work together.

THE VENUE: Our limited indoor capacity is only 20 persons*. Mass gatherings cannot exceed 25 people. Our back patio can hold 25 while socially distancing. People will likely feel more comfortable socializing in the open air anyway, so we plan to have most or all shows outdoors as weather allows. For people who don’t want to step indoors, we have a NEW front service window for food and drinks.

YOUR ACT: Just like before, we consider all show genres for booking. But your show here may look and feel a little different, and start much earlier than usual. If you’re a punk band, can you do an acoustic show? If you’re a DJ, can you play downtempo? Together, we can create something cool.

CROWD CONTROL: All acts should bring one designated crowd control person. ( And a door person if possible) With our front patio and large parking lot, More than 25 can safely be at the Barzarre- Just not more than 25 on the patio at the same time for your show. They can hear you out front, and see you through the lattice, But we will need your help in maintaining a strict headcount on 25 only on the patio during your show.   If you do not have a crowd control person, we can try to find one from the venue.

MONEY MATTERS: Reduced Capacity could mean reduced Door Sales.
When planning a show, here are some possible options:

  1. Your fans want to support you! Consider A higher door cover, or a separate donation container. ( including online donations) 
  2. A RSVP or advance ticket system, to ensure we don’t exceed capacity, and also reducing  door-sales transactions and bottlenecking.
  3. Using a payment platform like Venmo, Zelle or Paypal to promote touchless transactions. Your door person should also have these tools at the door.
  4. Got merch? Bring hats/shirts/CDs for people to buy!

WORK THE WEBCAST FOR YOUR ONLINE AUDIENCE! We have really strong internet. Expand your audience by doing a live broadcast of your show. Give your audience an easy way to pay your online cover or donate. Plan this out ahead of time! Find a video platform you like, and experiment with accepting payments to find the easiest way for you.


We can work together to exercize care and vigilance to create shows again! You can still play to your fans in a live setting, and we can all have a little bit of fun. We at barzarre intend on setting a great and responsible example for live show production moving forward- We’re flexible, and open to your suggestions, and we’re here when you need us.
Stay safe.

Bash! fearless leader. – The Barzarre. 1610 Castle St. Wilmington NC

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