Welcome to the Barzarre. 

on March 17, Bars and Restaurants can now only offer To Go Orders or Delivery. (or close).

We will remain open, but ourhours may vary. See our latest updates on Social media here. 

Bars may be closed, but we got your back

Introducing Beer, wine, food and whatever delivery, curbside pickup & To go orders from Barzarre.

It’s a brand new thing, but it’s a whole new world, aint it. Check out our current inventory and if you don’t wanna drive, we’ll bring it to you wherever you’re at.  Click the beer car below.


It’s a unique spot! Part hangout part hideout, on Wilmington NC’s downtown fringe.


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Eat, Drink & Be Merry 


From a full bar, offering spirits & 150 microbrews, to Artisan Grilled Cheeses & handmade Hummus, to over 100 Hookah blends, to a vast array of entertainment offerings of Live Music, including Circus Acts, Sideshow, Burlesque, Belly Dance, DJs, and all of the weirdest stuff you just can’t find elsewhere

A Full, Ready Bar

200+ beers, wine selection, spirits menu, Sake, and Absinthe available

Beer * Spirits * Wine *
Warm Comfort Food

Artisan Grilled Cheeses, Home Made Hummus, Wraps, Coffees & Teas

Food Menu
Hookah Lounge

100+ different Shisha blends,, Herbal, options,  outdoor patios, and belly dance showcases

Hookah Menu

From Eclectic Live Music to Comedy Shows, Circus Acts, Sideshow & Fringe Performing Arts. OUR CALENDAR!


Click that taxi & It’ll get you here. Or Just search Barzarre on your Maps App.


So Many Different Events! 

From DJs to Accordionists, Ska bands to Yodelers, Banjo Punk to Gothic Blues, Burlesque to Bollywood, Sideshows to slideshows,  Circus to comedy, and Folk, Reggae, Jazz, Blues, Noise, Goth, Rock, …You name it~  If it’s genre-smashing, we host it here.  

SEE ALL UPCOMING SHOWSEmail us for booking inquiries

Since 2004, Barzarre (formerly Juggling Gypsy) has offered FOOD, DRINKS AND UNIQUE ENTERTAINMENT – A true paragon of performance both onstage and off- Mixing World-traveler-style cafe with a Secret Speakeasy type feel.  We invite you to visit, and hope you stay a while.  

Hehe, That’s a stock image!  ^

He just looked so happy, we left him there.  He would definitely love our selection of 200+ beers!  And that girl with the tablet… Our super strong free Wifi for the people has it covered. 


This isn’t a *insert demographic here* type of place. It’s for everyone-Regardless of color, shape, age,ethnicity,mobiity, who you pray to (or don’t), who you vote for, who you define yourself as, or who.what you love.  With a mix like this, the conversations can be epic. We have two rules. 1) Obey the laws, and 2) Don’t be an A**hole

Your event Brought to life

We’re present events alllll the time. Why not yours? Your indie film Screening. Arm Wrestling competition? Your Baton routine debut. Hot Dog Eating Contest? Your Piano concerto. Or a lecture on the infiteness of space. Or your awesome band. Anything is possible . And we want to hear from you.


Contact us

Yay. You made it pretty far down our main page. You’re either dedicated, or a dedicated scroller.
WHile you’re here, send us a message.  No inquiry too obsure. 


Barzarrian Thoughts

This is our space for unique perspectives from people who have stuff to say.

Hey, its a new name. You can’t  help but say it {Barzarre} without some initial awkwardness.  My tip:  Don’t pronounce the R’s!   bazaa!

OR conversely, Roll alllll the R’s like it’s a sport. Rrrrreally fun.   Either way, it’s 2020. Where’s My jetpack?

Bash, Fearless leader.

Best Place in town. 

Sean Mc Adams

Yeah that’s my name. 
That place is pretty cool. 
Pretty F$*#)ng cool.
Hey i gotta roll. 

John Doe

IF we ever Newslet, you’ll be on point.

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